Stephany’s Story

The pressures of family dysfunction, broken relationships, death, divorce, and loss have been some of the few constancies in my life. Forced to face many of these hardships at a young age, I found myself having to choose between the easy way out or the way forward. While the road has not been easy, I have been fortunate to meet many angels disguised as humans along the way. With the help of these counselors, teachers, coaches, and spiritual leaders, I chose the way forward. I have learned to turn difficult experiences into opportunities to find solace and contentment. Healing from my own trauma moved me to support others as a Certified Life Coach for end-of-life care and other kinds of relationship losses.

My experiences have helped to transform me into a person who understands the importance of empathizing with others and supporting folks who need a little help to face life’s untimely hardships and trauma.

I have learned to be relentless in my search for wholeness. I have learned the value of persistence. I have experienced the fruit of determination, and I am available to walk with others who are willing to choose the way forward.

As an ordained clergy person for 25 years, I have had many experiences with individuals and families who have known the pain of relationship loss and death.

I have also been the person in my family who provided care for my parents, grandparents and siblings as they were dying. Through these experiences, it became clear to me that what matters most to people as they are transitioning from this life is that their lives have mattered to someone.

Life is filled with endings and new beginnings.

While facing loss of any kind is not easy, having someone to listen with respect and compassion can make the journey more acceptable. As a pastor, I learned that everyone has a sacred story. For me, becoming a Certified Life Coach for end-of-life care and relationship loss was the next step to helping people come to terms with and appreciate their own stories.

Coaches walk beside people; we don’t prescribe solutions or determine the paths that our clients should take. We provide support as our clients determine their own ways forward.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey. Let’s talk.